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We surveyed hundreds of professionals from software and IT teams to find out how they’re using CI/CD tools to move faster and improve their software delivery.

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Pushing code to customers isn’t easy.

One in three developers spend more than a day to release a change to production.

Bugs, defects, or unexpected delays have been faced by more than half of respondents in a recent release.

…. and on average, teams use


tools to move code from development to customers 

Cloud CI/CD tools are becoming the norm.

60% of teams use a cloud CI/CD solution

60% of teams use a cloud CI/CD solution to save money, trace errors easily, and get faster customer feedback.

The list goes on and on!

The biggest challenges of self-hosted CI/CD solutions were

1. high upgrade costs 
2. need for specialized knowledge on the team
3. maintenance costs

But the benefits of adopting CI/CD are clear.


of teams ship changes and receive customer feedback faster with a cloud CI/CD solution.


of teams report fewer bugs or outages by adopting a cloud CI/CD solution.

Talk about return on investment!

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